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Maintenance and cleaning of solar panels

  • Our technicians can verify the well-functioning of your system.
  • We can regularly clean your panels to maximize your installations output potential.
  • Did you know that solar panels can lose up to 25% efficiency due to dirt?

Impact of pollution and dirt

Pollution, traffic, foilage and even bird dropping can prevent sun light from being absorbed by your solar panels. Clearly, dirty solar panels will not produce as much electricity as clean ones. The consensus in the industry is that dirty panels can lose as much as 25-30% of their efficiency, causing unnecessary loss of energy and income. It is for this reason that many solar panel manufacturers recommend you to get your panels cleaned at least once every year.

What can we offer

SEP Contracting can offer a maintenance contract that covers a yearly inspection and cleaning of your system. This involves going through the following steps:

  • Check for accumulation of dirt or fungus
  • Analyze the possible impact of shade on electricity output
  • Verify no moisture has penetrated the modules
  • Check for corrosion or fractures
  • Measure voltage and current
  • Check all cables and conduits
  • Cleaning of modules

We can come by on a day and time that suits you to inspect the installation, do a thorough cleaning if necessary and provide an indication of KW output before and after the cleaning. Money spent on the cleaning will be easily recuperated due to the increased energy output of your panels and improved longevity of your installation, resulting in a rapid return of investment.

Our approach

Efficient and safe

We do solar panel installation as well as maintenance and cleaning, so we have a deep understanding and knowledge of the installations we need to maintain. This means we know how to work safely and efficiently using our specialized equipment.

Environmentally friendly

All our cleaning is done without chemicals or other substances hazardous to the environment. We use a state-of-the-art pole system to clean your panels with 100% purified water, no chemical substance or soap is required.

General Repairs

If any problems surface during the inspection, such as fractures or other defects, we can immediately provide you with an assessment of the damage and make an estimate for repairs. Our company has an inate knowledge of solar power technology and will make sure any repairs done maximize the longevity of the entire installation. We understand that solar power is an investment for your home and will treat your installation as such.